Successful business deals

Reach customers anywhere, anytime

The advancing digitalization gives customers the freedom to order products and services regardless of time and place. Be it in the morning on the beach, in the evening in the restaurant or while watching TV, for example. On the other hand, entrepreneurs can reach a larger number of customers worldwide or, if desired, only regionally, and generate more sales using digitalized processes and software solutions and acquire new target groups.

Digital transformation

Global competitors on your doorstep

Traditional market conditions are changing rapidly. In the future, SMEs (small and medium-sized companies) will also have to be prepared for international providers to act as regional competitors. Today, customers are no longer looking for service providers in regional print products, but mainly using online directories, search engines or advertising banners. However, these internet platforms are mostly international and offer a pool of supraregional providers. This means that regional service providers such as artisans compete with non-regional competitors who can also offer other prices due to favorable cost factors or government grants.

Digital power for medium-sized companies

Hardware &  Software & Knowledge

We offer small and large software solutions so that your company can successfully compete. We have the experience, knowledge and specialist staff to support your company in the digital transformation and expansion of the portfolio. Depending on the project requirements, you can book manpower with us as a flat rate or according to man days. Convince yourself and pick up the phone or our contact form.


Website development

An experienced web designer develops holistic, customer-centered UX / UI concepts, designs the graphics and the user interface.
Particular attention is paid to a uniform user experience and outstanding usability for website visitors. After the conception and coordination phase, he creates scribbles, wireframes or mockups. This preparatory work is done before programming mobile websites, content management systems, microsites or online shops. An experienced programmer creates this.

→ Programming languages: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript

→ Content management systems CMS

→ Module development

→ Mobile websites

→ Web Applications

Additional functions | Security | CRM


  • Support of HTTPS encryption
  • Warning system via unauthorized login – attempts (data protection compliant) including the creation of blacklists and whitelists & e-mail – notification & blocking of the login


  • Customer relationship management with listing types such as leads, opportunities, customers and companies
  • Notes for each lead
  • Email communication system and notifications
  • group contacts
Additional functions a Live Chat | Shopping cart in websites

Additional functions a Live Chat | Shopping cart in websites:

  • Live chat with website visitors
  • Optional chat function only for registered users
  • mobile usable
  • Archive of past chat content
  • Web statistics about user behavior

Shopping cart on business websites:

  • Similar to online shops, order buttons and shopping baskets including all legal requirements such as terms and conditions, payment functions, different value added taxes and much more can also be programmed on business websites.
Additional functions | Multilingualism | branches


  • Different language versions for texts, categories, categories, navigation
  • Language switch, language flags


  • Company branches can also be displayed very attractively on a Google mapCompany branches can also be displayed very attractively on a Google map
  • Additional information such as telephone, email, opening hours and much more
  • Display branches near the user
  • Distance information in km
Additional functions | Comments | Search Engine optimization

User comments:

  • Optional user – unlock posts only after prior registration
  • Optional user registration with social media account
  • System – notification to website operators
  • Spam protection
  • Users who have already published several articles can automatically create new articles
  • Graphical evaluation options
  • Other users can reply to user posts

Search Engine optimization:

  • Search engine position improve by optimizing important parameters
Additional functions | Affiliates | members areas

Affiliates like Amazon:

  • Integration of product boxes and comparison tables using call-to-action buttons.
  • Optional publication of product data such as product name, price, product images in different sizes, customer reviews, product description, Amazon stock availability

Protected member areas:

  • Unlock content or products depending on the member profile
  • Offer prices, descriptions according to target group profiles (resellers, SMEs, customers)
  • Memberships by subscription
  • Contents such as product information, instructions
  • Video Courses
  • Download products
  • Online congresses
  • Staff training
  • Shopping clubs
  • E-Learning

… and much more


Online shop development

Versatile modern e-commerce solutions with sales-promoting functions (extract):

  • Product presentations with zoom function, picture gallery, video
  • Product variants (color, size, weight, length)
  • Own article numbers (SKU) possible for each product
  • Customer reviews
  • Payment functions such as bank transfer, direct debit, PayPal, credit card, invoice, last name
  • Selling digital goods
  • SSL encryption compatible
  • Optional login – mandatory for customers
  • Coupon codes like shopping cart discount, free shipping
  • Different tax rates
  • Multilingualism
  • Shipping rates, zones
  • Inventory management
  • Import and export of product data
  • Web analysis of sales, customers, inventory
  • Currency converter
Additional functions

Content management systems CMS:

  • Integration of a CMS to expand online shops or to connect them to the company website
  • Portal formation (CMS + shop + branch appearances)


  • Product configurator
  • Multi-channel, management of Ebay & Amazon on one platform
  • Search Engine optimization
  • PDF invoice
  • Customer notification via system e-mails
  • Recommendation marketing
  • Comparison lists
  • Rubriken
  • Customer account
  • Search for products, manufacturers, price segment, color etc.
  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Conditions
  • Product – Countdown
  • Social Login

… and much more


Online - Marketing

Last but not least, we implement online marketing campaigns to optimally implement the customer’s agreed marketing goals.

Which includes:

  • Internet Advertising
  • Search Engine marketing
  • Social media marketing

Online – Marketing

  • Website – A company website is used for customer loyalty and the acquisition of new customers. We create strategies and implement them completely in new websites or optimize existing websites and online shops as required. This also includes the creation of multimedia such as image / video acquisition and editing
  • Display Advertising – Creation of advertising formats such as banners, animations, video, text ads
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) & search engine optimization (SEA) for new customer and product advertising
  • Content Marketing – blogs, news, videos, white papers, e-books, graphics, guides
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook, B2B portals)

… and much more

Programming languages



Hypertext Markup Language (Hypertext Markup Language); a computer language for the labeling and networking of texts and other content of electronic documents for the Internet.

Software Entwicklung


Cascading Style Sheets | CSS is a style sheet language and is one of the main languages ​​of the World Wide Web. This so-called “living standard” is constantly being developed.

Dienstleister für Software


PHP is a scripting language with a syntax based on C and Perl, and is mainly used to create dynamic websites or web applications.

Software Programm


The standardized language core of JavaScript describes a dynamically typed, object-oriented, classless scripting language. It is object-oriented, procedural or functional programming.